Community Friends

Community Friends

At the heart of our region is its people. Community groups, schools and local initiatives play a vital role in Taranaki.

Becoming a Community Friend means that you can do your part to protect our region.

Who Can Get Involved?

Any and every community group in the Taranaki region.

That includes schools, activity groups, and local initiatives. Basically, if you are passionate about restoring and preserving our region for future generations, then we need your help.

What Does It Mean?

We want to recognise our community groups and provide ongoing support to encourage, engage and celebrate the fantastic work you are undertaking to Restore Taranaki.

Your involvement in the Restore Taranaki movement can help us create an intergenerational Restore Taranaki Community. People are at the heart of our community. By engaging with the diverse range of people in our region and bringing our communities together to achieve positive outcomes, you can keep our initiative going.

As a community friend you will have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops and informal networking opportunities with our members.

You will also be able to apply for assistance via our annual Community Environmental Grant and our Restore Taranaki Community Grant.

How You Can Make A Difference

Restoring an entire region is a monumental task, and the energy of the community is a powerful resource. Your involvement can energise and inspire people to make a difference.

The challenge we face is a lack of awareness. By supporting our work in each of your local communities, you can educate people on how important it is to make small changes in their lives. Together we can make a big impact.

Our Community Friends

We would love to introduce you to these extraordinary peopleā€¦