A Guardian is a fierce protector of the things they love. And if you love Taranaki as much as we do, then becoming a Guardian could be the right choice for you.

Who Can Get Involved?

Any individual who is passionate about Restoring Taranaki.

If you don’t want to lose the sounds of Tuis calling from Kowhai trees, the gentle lap of water on a riverbank, or families experiencing all this region has to offer, then we need your help.

What Does It Mean?

Many of our local wildlife and their habitats are under threat. If we don’t act now, then our region could lose many of the things that make it an amazing place to live and work.

By joining as a Guardian, you can protect and defend the things that need your help the most. You will receive our monthly newsletter so that you know exactly what is happening in the region and the projects that you can become involved with.

Your membership fee of $20 per year will enable us to undertake even more restoration projects.

How You Can Make A Difference

One of the biggest challenges we face is community awareness. Most people will want to help, but may not know the best way to do that. They may not realise that they can help restore our beautiful region. They may not know that our wildlife, habitats and fresh water are under threat. They also might not realise that small actions today can really affect the future of Taranaki.

With your help we can raise awareness and empower people with the knowledge that a restore community is important. If we each focus on our own backyards then we can truly make a difference to the whole region.